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What is Musical Brunch?  Musical Brunch: (noun) a gathering that involves instruments, sing-a-longs, breakfast foods and alcohol. And it's where this all began.  In 2011, we found ourselves touring Europe in NYC Player's Neutral Hero. On our downtime we (and a few other cast members) had Musical Brunch in hotel rooms, courtyards and some lobbies (those gatherings might have been known as Musical Night Cap).  Inspired by what transpired there, Jean Ann decided to pick up the ukulele and start writing songs again.  Back in NY, the crew continued Brunching in Brooklyn (this time with bagels and mimosas, hey it's New York).  That's where this band, and these songs, came to life.



(Some pics from the original Musical Brunch.)


a versatile guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, he has been active in New York since 2006, earning the titles of "local electric guitar hero" by Time Out NY and "model new music citizen" by the NY Times. Performing on a wide variety of guitars, banjos, mandolins and home-made instruments, James incorporates his classical training and a healthy dose of improvisation, theatrics, and experimentation.



 a native of Fairbanks, Alaska and currently based in Brooklyn, Andie Springer is a violinist specializing in contemporary music. A founder and co-director of new music ensembles TRANSIT, Redshift, and Wild Shore New Music Andie is also a member of Hotel Elefant and has performed and recorded with such bands as Redhooker, Arturo en el Barco, Phthia, Pearl and the Beard and TheThreefifty Duo. Andie has also had the pleasure of performing with David Byrne, Victoire, Ensemble de Sade, Anti-Social Music, theWordless Music Orchestra, the Argento Ensemble, and American Opera Projects. She is a member the New York City Players, has toured with their production of Richard Maxwell’s theater piece, “Neutral Hero,” and is in the cast of his most recent work, "The Evening."



 is a singer, actress, writer and director. While she earned her degree in film production and creative writing, after graduation she focused on her first love, performing. She was quickly cast in Richard Maxwell's "Showy Lady Slipper", where the New York Times called the performances "comically inspired”. While it seemed success would continue just as easily, that was not the case. The struggle to sustain a career as a performer became almost paralyzing. After a few more years of scuffling, she decided to stop waiting for someone to give her permission to live her dreams. She took matters in her own hands, and began writing again; first plays, then music, a television pilot and finally "Composing Life" EP (and film) was born.


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